Monday, May 6, 2013


Here is Finley in a classic sulk. These happen pretty much daily. She's really good at acting dejected, and she will definitely show you her disappointment.

So things have been flying by these past few months. Seriously! It's cliche because it's true. We are quickly approaching Finley's third (THIRD!!!) and Reagan's first (FIRST!!!) birthdays. We are all full of distinct personalities around these parts. Finley is still as sassy and independent as ever, Reagan is still a mama's girl who loves to be held. And a few other crazy milestones... I turned 30 last week! WHAT!? I know. I know. And also we have lived in Birmingham for almost a year now. This year has flown by. The first few months were rough, but since last August things have just been a blur. Here's to 5 more blurry years!

Finley and Reagan are becoming better friends. Mostly because Reagan is very forgiving of strangulation and blunt head trauma. She usually gets her just deserts because she's a very good slapper. Even though it appears here that she really doesn't do much damage. Yet.

This is Finley with her friend James hugging their baby siblings. Want to get a two-year-old to defend their brother/sister's personal space? Have another two-year-old try to interact with them. Suddenly they become fiercely possessive and loving, "THAT"S MY SISTER!"

One of Finley's favorite pastimes if collecting flowers (don't tell her this is a weed). It often makes walking outdoors very sloooow.

We take advantage of sunny Saturdays with Dad. They don't happen too often.

One of Reagan's besties is her giraffe Sophie, or as Finley calls it, Soapie.

And this is our snuggle monster. It's so strange having a snuggly child. She'll sit on my lap completely content. As soon as Finley was able to move on her own she spent most of her day trying to get away from me as quickly as possible. Even though Reagan is totally mobile most of her day is spent following me around the house. Poor thing. But she's building up some tough knees!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I think it's accurate to say that these two munchkins keep me busy. These pictures were taken a few months ago when they both happened to being wearing clothes, which doesn't happen often. When it occurs I usually pull out the camera to document the occasion.

Since these pictures were taken Finley is now completely potty trained! Hooray! It's great for her to have a little more independence since previously she ALWAYS needed her diaper changed right when I sat down to feed Reagan. Now she can pretty much do everything on her own. I have to say that potty training was the one milestone that terrified me most about parenting. Everything else is a cake walk from here, right? Ha!

Reagan can almost crawl (so close!) and has finally gotten her third tooth (two on bottom, one on top). Her favorite food right now is yogurt. I was really hesitant to give it to her because she was really sensitive to my milk whenever I had dairy. I've been having almond milk in cereal and I've given up ice cream - oh the wondrous things you do for your children. Anytime I had more than a few bites of ice cream or spoonfulls of milk she would getting a "burn your skin off" diaper rash that would last forever. It didn't seem to affect her in any other way and my pediatrician wasn't worried enough to call it an allergy, she just told me to stay away from diary as much as possible. Anyway, so I fed her a few bites of yogurt one night to see if it would affect her and what do you know, no rash. But I found some soy yogurt that she loves just as well, so I'll just play is safe for now. That was a very long and boring explanation about yogurt and digestion. Sorry. Just so you know, Reagan loves yogurt.

Reagan does not let Finley get away with much, she protests if Finley takes her toys or food. And does not stand for being messed around with. It's probably a good thing because Finley is so feisty Reagan probably wouldn't stand a chance otherwise. She has definitely learned early on. You can tell though, that Reagan is so ready to be a big girl and get up and play with Finley. Sometimes she'll squirm out of my arms and bend over backwards trying to get on the ground to be with Finley. I'm just not sure if I'm ready to give up my baby yet, not even to her sister.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

HAPPY 2013

So that was officially the longest blogging break I've ever taken. See I have this little problem, it's called iphone addiction. I got an iPhone and Brad got an iPad for Christmas and now with Instagram I'm finding that I'm getting lazier when it comes to jumping on our actual computer which is where I need to be to blog. Anyway. No excuses (except for the one I just gave), I'm committed to this blog so I want to keep it going. Posting just may be a little more sparse. For a daily update on the Carn Clan (mostly Finley and Reagan) then you can find us on Instagram at @bridgetcarn (or click on the link to view us in the Statigram viewer). So now here's a quick rundown of our haps:

Brad: Had a week off for Christmas. It was heavenly. Now the study marathon begins for boards. He'll get the month of March off to study and once his test is taken he'll have a little more time off and then Med School starts. Can't believe how these first 8 months have flown by so quickly.

Me: I got called to be Primary President at church (Primary is the children's Sunday School program for ages 18 months to 11 years old), which means I'm over about 70 kids every Sunday. We finally have all our teachers in place, which is a huge relief! Other than church, you can find me at lots of play groups for the girls. Luckily the other moms are awesome. I've found plenty of things to keep me and the girls entertained everyday. The house is about 90% put together (Reagan's nursery is not done, and two rooms still need to be painted), but I'm happy with how everything stands now. Of course all houses are a work in progress and I've learned to embrace that.

Finley: Talking up a storm! Sometimes she gets on a roll and starts saying every word she knows, every place and person and toy she's ever come in contact with. Which is pretty hilarious. She loves wearing her hair in pig tails. She loves "noodles and broccoli." She loves giving Reagan hugs and saying, "Nice to meet you Reagan!" She loves Peter Pan and Rio. She loves singing. She loves my phone and Brad's iPad. And most importantly she loves Daddy. The facetime feature on my phone has been used every night when Brad is on call, which really helps Finley.

Reagan: Also talking up a storm - just more babbling and less words. She loves jumping in her exersaucer. She loves chewing on her Sophie giraffe. She loves sweet potatoes. She loves smiling at strangers. She still loves the Baby Bjorn (thank goodness). She loves rolling everywhere (still not crawling, but she definitely moves around). She loves being held. She has two teeth on bottom and one on top peaking through. She also loves Daddy, but is still more of a Mama's girl.

 Hopefully this has us caught up so I can then catch up on all the pictures I have ready to go!

Monday, December 24, 2012


LOVE, Brad, Bridget, Finley, & Reagan (& Santa)

Every time we ask Finley if she's been a good girl this year she tells us "no." Also, she calls Santa "Santahn" veeeeery close sounding to "Satan." Hmmmm. Between that and this photographic evidence it's easy to tell who's getting coal. I was a little nervous that Reagan would be upset but she was pretty much all smiles - she usually loves watching me make a fool of myself. Finley on the other hand had this exact look in every picture. She wasn't afraid of him she was just acting super grumpy. Oh well. I guess it makes for a funnier picture. Buck up kid! This guy brings you FREE candy and presents! He's kind of a big deal.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


Here is a little bit of what Finley has been up to. 

She still takes a bath every night. With lots of bubbles.

We cut out naps a few months ago, but she only recently got fully adjusted to a non-nap schedule. Occasionally she's just had too much fun and falls asleep in random places for a bit. The upside to no naps? She now goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up at 8:00 or so the next morning. That makes me a happy mama! Now if only Reagan could follow suit.

Finley loves sitting in Reagan's things - which to be fair used to be her things so I can see how it's confusing. But a few weeks ago I found her sitting in Reagan's bouncer while Reagan was in it - Reagan was none too pleased. Plus she was forcing a binky in her mouth which is not how you go about making Reagan happy. (Notice Finley in a diaper. This was pre-potty training. As of two weeks ago there are no more diapers during the day! Hooray! Kinda of. It's still a work in progress.)

And this picture is to document her engineering mind. These are those bag clips from Ikea. I was cooking dinner and she was playing with them on the floor and all of sudden she says, "Mom, I'm making diamond shapes." And I looked down to this. Whaaaaaaat? I definitely did not teach her that - so thanks nursery, or Disney, or Sesame Street, or whatever/whoever taught her what diamonds are and how to make them. I'm clearly underestimating what she can learn. She must truly think my potty training dance is idiotic.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


So Reagan started eating solids about a month ago. We started with the old stand by - rice cereal. She was NOT a fan.

Very skeptical.

Sure! The two-year-old can do the feeding! Now I can finally watch my stories and eat bon bons. Which is what Brad thinks I do anyway.

And here is what happened after the first few bites. You would think we were torturing her! And all cereals were a no go. We tried: rice, brown rice, and oatmeal. 

Finley's hotdog looked mighty appetizing!

Which gave me an idea! I'm a smart mamma. I figured out that this lady has a sophisticated palate. She just wanted the real stuff. So far she's eaten all sorts of veggies and fruits, but she's most partial to the bananas.

She's also figured out that bath time comes right after eating time. So now when I lift her out of the highchair after eating she starts shaking with excitement. I'm starting to smell a routine! Let's just hope this leads to her sleeping through the night again. I miss my 9 hour sleeper!

Monday, December 3, 2012


*This Barr Brothers song. And here's a sweet live version, check out all their crazy instruments.
*And this song. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but Finley makes me play it over and over. I love watching her dance and sing the final note with her hands up in the air. Sometimes motherhood is so satisfying.
*This hanging map tutorial. I made one for my bedroom. It's so gratifying to make something quick, easy, and cheap that turns out awesome (if I do say so myself).
* This trailer. My life might actually be complete now. Please don't mess it up. I'm talking to YOU Anne Hathaway.
* This kale shake recipe. Although I usually just throw in whatever I happen to have on hand. Sadly this is the only way I consume green vegetables most days.
* This crock pot soup recipe. Brad even said, "Wow this is actually good". That says so much about my attempts at trying new recipes. You have no idea.
* This quote. I'm going through a phase where nothing seems to be finished. Ever. And it's driving my crazy. So I'm trying to relax and enjoy the present moments. Man I'm deep.
* This print. It's not a product you can order so my goal is recreate it for Finley. We sing that song every night at bedtime.
* This show. I've told Brad at least ten times that in another life this is my profession.

Friday, November 30, 2012


When Brad got an entire week off (!!!!) we decided to do the sensible relaxing thing... take two small children on a ten hour car ride. Actually it was a lot of fun, if you ignore the many hours of screaming from Reagan. We drove up to Naperville to see Brad's parents. When we lived in Alton it was a quick 5 hour drive so we went up pretty regularly. Now we are double the distance with an additional child so a quick trip to Naperville no longer exists. With a full week on our hands we decided to take advantage. Our first stop was to the Children's museum, which of course Finley found endlessly exciting. Although, isn't it the hallmark of kids to get really into the most obscure parts of a really cool experience? For instance, Finley didn't want anything to do with the cool water ways and bubble pools. She wanted  to play on the stairs. REALLY? STAIRS? We've got a set a home, they aren't that cool. Promise. Also she wanted to carry around a basket of tennis balls. Not put them in the sweet air machine and watch them go through the tunnels. Just carry them around in a basket. Kids are so weird.

Here she is shaving a wax block.

I thought she would love this wood shop. She loved all the dangerous things she couldn't touch. After the seventh "no" she was outta there.

Family picture... wait no... someone's missing.

MY favorite part was the wind tunnel. It's exactly what it sounds like. A tunnel with wind. I even channeled my inner Heidi Klum (I wish) and did some modeling poses (those pictures will never see the light of day. Ever.).

Brad told me that wind tunnel is his ideal sleeping condition. I'm an anti ceiling fan sleeper. And he would... sleep in a wind tunnel if given the option. Who wants to feel like they are sleeping on the wing of a 747? I will never understand.

Well apparently Reagan takes after Dad in this regard - she could not be more asleep.

Although that's pretty much how Reagan felt about the entire Children's Museum. This is my intense Instagraming face. It's serious business. I don't mess around. Plus only have access to Brad's iphone... never.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


My new all time favorite picture. I love these girls so much!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Hi. I'm five months old now (well technically nearly six months, but my mom's a slacker and I can't type yet, so I blame her).  I am starting to show a lot personality. Most often I have my eyes wide open learning more about my crazy surroundings. But I really love to smile and laugh.

Mom has a lot of funny nicknames for me (Gipper, Reagie, Monkey) but the current one is: Bunsy. This came from calling me Reagan Buns, then Buns, then Bunsy. Even Finley calls me Bunsy, which mom thinks is sort of adorable.

I don't have any teeth yet, but mom checks my gums everyday. I've been gnawing on mom's hand constantly and sleeping horribly so I'm thinking they should pop through any day now. But I've been thinking that for about two months now... so who knows.

I finally decided to start rolling over, the trick is to tilt my large head to one side and magically my body follows. I can turn both directions. But I've decided I like being on my back best of all. When I get too tired to roll over, I put my head down and pout until mom feels sorry for me. Sucker! 

I've started eating solids (post on that coming soon) and I'm actually beginning to swallow more than I spit out. My favorite part is chewing on the spoon. YUM.

I've started grabbing everything in my sight. Once I can get a hand on something I either attempt to lift it over my head or try to put it in my mouth. If I can't reach something I stare at it for a really long time willing it to come to me.

I don't think I'll ever learn to crawl (or walk for that matter) because mom holds me all day long. If I'm not strapped into the baby bjorn mom carries me all over the house. Which is a good thing, because Finley likes to give me full body hugs. She has also started trying to feed me things and "helps" me drink for her sippy cup. I find it all very helpful, mom doesn't really feel the same way. Something about germs and me not being ready to eat a hot dog yet. Whatever. 

Finley does not love that I'm now the one sitting in the high chair. She tells me "Reagan, get out!  That's my chair!" Sometimes she still thinks she's the baby of the family. Sorry kid!

Even though Finley doesn't always love that I'm taking over the house. I can't wait until I can play with her. She seems hilarious. I laugh at most everything she does especially when I see her first thing in the morning (must be the bedhead). She has also started helping mom with my baths at night which is my favorite part of the day. I get really excited and squeal and kick my legs in anticipation of getting in the water. I hear Finley likes baths, but I LOVE baths.

My parents got wise (aka - took my Aunt Brooke's advice) and finally bought me a convertible car seat. Now I'm more upright and can finally get comfortable enough to sleep. I still complain and cry a lot, but I'm a lot happier overall. Now if only I could turn my head around enough to watch Pocahontas with Finley.

I'm a great eater and constantly get comments on my "healthiness." Mom feeds me well and can't get enough of holding me and squishing my cheeks, so what do you expect?

Mom is also a greedy holder, and has only now started letting other people take turns holding me. And since I'm so adorable I get passed around the room wherever I go. I don't mind other people, but I still like mom best of all.